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BH Technologies : a comprehensive approach providing solutions and responses adapted to each situation, giving concrete results on the ground.

Public lighting is at the heart of the concerns of local politicians, who inherit an aging fleet approximately street lights and other fixtures which are heavily energy-intensive and increasingly important for their municipalities.

Public lighting is estimated to account for 20% of the municipalities’ overall energy budget and 50% of their electricity consumption with a constant increase in the price of electricity (+125% between 2007 and 2014) communities are increasingly constricted. Moreover, this activity represents 21kg of CO² emitted per second in France.

Given the exponential increase of waste produced which in France alone has doubled in the last 40 years, the collection of waste has to respond to the evolution of consumption, production and eating habits of the population. The management of waste collection therefore represents a real challenge for territories both economically, financially and environmentally.

In the field of sustainable ecological transition, the management of public lighting and waste collection must be optimised, with response adapted to the needs and uses of the population, while responding to economic and ecological challenges which are presented to local representatives : reduction of the energy costs, operation and maintenance costs, improvement of services quality for users, adoption of new technologies, responsible eco-commitment and many more…

Consuming better by spending less, switching on lighting only when it si necessary and appropriate, effectively managing waste collection to reduce pollution, these are the keys to success for municipalities that aim to commit to a proactive energy transition.


Président, Cofondeur - BH Technologies

Taïsei MIURA

CEO - BH Technologies


BH Technologies, innovating to serve cities

Created in 1998 by Philippe Badaroux and Eric Habib, BH Technologies, the market leader in intelligent waste collection, is a Grenoble-based SME located at the heart of the cluster of businesses known as Cémoi, each dedicated to innovation.

For more than 15 years, we have been developing innovative technologies and proposing global solutions to local authorities, with the goal of sustainable development and the reduction of both ecological footprint and environmental costs. This supports our mission to improve the performance and service quality offered to users.

With a headquarters in Grenoble hosting R&D facilities and commercial activities and a manufacturing facility in Caen, BH Technologies offers “100% Made in France” products.

With the trust of numerous cities, both in France and abroad, BH Technologies is widely recognized for its industry specific knowledge, the simplicity and reliability of products and its capacity to innovate.

BH Technologies now combines the growth of original lighting management activity with the accelerated development of the “waste collection management” operations launched in 2005. The company comprises of approximately 40 employees with nearly half in R&D.

BH Technologies has become one of the pioneers in the “smart cities” market with its comprehensive optimisation solutions for municipalities and is now the partner of reference of smart cities.


The success of the company is built on strong values that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers every day.

The success of the company is built on strong values ​​that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers every day. Thanks to an R & D team representing 50% of the workforce, we are developing a constant dynamic of innovation, both technological and industrial, which allows us to propose products adapted to market developments and to the expectations and needs of local communities.

We rely on a global approach to propose scalable solutions adapted to each installation, with concrete results observed in the field.


We constantly innovate to provide responses adapted to your needs. All of our products are designed to be scalable and Smart City ready.


All our products are certified by independent organisations. They are tested in our laboratories and are monitored constantly. Our products are made in France.


Reliability and durability are key factors that support the sustainability of our products. They evolve with the ever-changing technological landscape such as LED, internet of things, … and adapt to all types of fixtures or waste containers.


Today, more than half of public lighting cabinets in France are equipped with our solutions and more than 3 million people have access to containers equipped with our management systems.


We cover all the territories of France and overseas a sales network of 40 people supports you in the development of your projects.


Our teams are by your side every day to bring you the necessary technical, administrative or commercial answers. We install our product and support you throughout their operation.


Nomiations awarded to BH Technologies

Awards and nominations awarded to BH Technologies for these innovative solutions for local municipalities in the field of sustainable development and environmental transition, with the goal of the reduction of both ecological footprint and environmental costs. This supports our mission to improve the performance and service quality offered to users.


Nominé au Grand Prix des Entreprises de croissance organisée par la BPI


Lauréat de la journée organisée par la BPI sur le thème « ETI, champions de la croissance du XXIe siècle »


Lauréat des Trophées de l’Innovation, catégorie Environnement, organisé par Bref Rhône-Alpes avec notre gamme de produits de variation


Nominé au Palmarès « Deloitte Technology » qui récompense les entreprises alliant innovation et croissance dans les hautes technologies.


Green Certification : récompense les projets qui améliore l’efficacité énergétique des puces intelligentes miniaturisées d’au moins 30% et la réduction de l’impact environnemental des micro et nano-technologies.


Prix de l’innovation pour SYREN décerné au Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales.


Prix de l’INPI 2002 qui récompense la stratégie de protection des marques et brevets.


To better meed the expectations of its clients, BH Technologies works with many partners.